The grand finale – Our tour d’Afrique

Our current mission, starting on the 6th of september 2018, from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

05-09-2018 from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Luka and Janna go Afrika! Here you go, we now show you our plan for the next stretch of our ride. This will be our ‘grand finale’, after completing my big ride home from New Zealand al the way to the Netherlands, with half of those kilometers having Luke by my side. Many kilometers ago a new dream started, it was right after I cycled Myanmar that I though, why not go to Africa? It was the warmth and openness of their culture that reminded me of those good old days in Kenya when I was younger and spread my wings for the first time. Facing the difficulties of cycling Myanmar on my own and doing well I thought, I knew, I just know: Africa! And since then the idea always sticked with me. It was when I met Luke in China that I told him about this big dream of mine and it was many months later in Kirgystan that Luke told me that he was in for another chapter of our ride. After dreaming and wondering and thinking ‘yes really are we?’, after carefully informing our parents and thinking some longer… yes really are we? I mean we can also go back to study? We can also go back to work? A ticket was booked by the time we reached Nepal, and a new plan was born. For all those kilometers home we secretly enjoyed the feeling: we are not going to stop our pedaling around the world. And so here we are, in Addis Ababa, to start our ride. Its incredibly unreal, especially as we are personally delivered here with this big machine that goes high up in the air, we are dropped without any connection with the surface , but for sure that connection will soon be there. And I will write you all about it on my website.

De route: New Zealand – Mongolia – The Netherlands

Augustus 2015 – July 2018, 44.000km

24 juli 2018, from the Netherlands

One girl. One bike. And the dream to travel the world.

It all starts with a dream. Then it becomes reality. Slowly slowly. Bit by bit. Day by day. And before I would realise, I was already three years on my way. It was the question whether it would be possible to cycle all the way home. Home is the Netherlands, because that’s the place where I once was born. That’s the place where I said goodbye to my family and friends.  On the 28th of august 2015 this little adventure begun. Curious whether it would be possible to travel around the world on my bike. On the 22nd of juli 2018 I reached that same driveway that I left three years ago with my bicycle buddy by my side. With 43.000 kilometer on my computer I cycled into the arms of my mum and dad, surrounded by family and friends. I am home. But home is no longer just a place where I have my rootes and my family. I now feel at home at all the places where I ones rode my bike. These are the streets and the places where I now know exactly what life is all like.

Thank you ALL for being part of my journey. I feel humble and endlessly thankful that I had the chance to experience it all.

I am sending my love to all of you.



ps. for all of you who wonder…. what’s next?! No worries, there will be one more chapter of my ride. Soon more

April 2018-July 2018, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, the Balkan, Europe.

April-May-June-July 2018

 India – Nepal 
Januari-Februari-March 2018 

From Kazachstan, to Kirgistan, Tadjikistan, to Oezbekistan, Kazachstan – Azerbeidzjan & Iran 

August, September, October, November, December 2017, 5.700 km


May – June 2017, 2000 km

China- cyling the Tibetan Plateau

March, April, May 2017, 4.200 km


Februari 2017, 900 km

 Thailand (South) – Cambodia – Vietnam – Laos – Thailand (North)

November & December 2016, January & February 2017, 5.500 km ride

cycling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai will be a ride of approximately 700 km maybe two weeks on your bike (if you take it easy), but this ride took me almost three months as I decided to cycle this little loupe all the way to Cambodia. To than cycle Vietnam from Saigon all the way to Hanoi, to head back west to the North of Laos and the North of Thailand. A detour of 4.000 km it was. But all I can say is that is was super rewarding to take this ‘long way’ as I now feel at home in not just Thailand, but Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos as well. It was heart-warming to meet all this Asian kindness on my way, and to get to know their cultures, all in their unique and very own way.


Indonesia (Bali – Java – Sumatra), Singapore & Malaysia

Augustus – September – October 2016, 4.500 km ride

Indonesia would be my very first impression of cycling Asia. Slightly overwhelmed but at the same time seriously impressed by their kindness and caring-attitude towards each other, this would turn out to be the very best way to start this next part of my journey. After cycling Indonesia, I was ready for the rest of Asia.

Cycled Indonesia in august and september, reached Singapore in the beginning of october and continued to Malaysia during this whole month, to cross the border to Thailand the first of november. My first 4.500 km. in Asia was done. Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam; here I come!



February, March, April 2016, 5.327 km ride

I am happy to say: I didn’t got eaten on my way! Cycled Australia from Sydney all the way to Darwin! With a journey of 5.327 km I doubled my distances so far; and passed the first 10.000 km cycling around the world!

New Zealand

December 2015- January 2016, 2.239 km ride

I am more than happy to say; I’ve made it all the way! Cycled NZ from the bottom to the top!

The Netherlands – Portugal

September, October & November 2015, 3294 km in total – 2.534 by bike + 780 km by foot.

Op 28 augustus 2015 begon ik mijn grote reis. Het was de dag waarop ik bepakt en bezakt per fiets zou vertrekken richting het zuiden. Lissabon was mijn eerste grote einddoel. 71 dagen zou het duren, 3294 km zou ik afleggen, waarvan 780 km te voet en 2534 met de fiets. 7 november 2015 was de dag waarop ik in Lissabon aankwam. Het begin van mijn grote reis was gemaakt!