*** INVITATION *** Cyling the last miles! – 22 July (EN)

BIG NEWS TO BE ANNOUNCED! Here follows an important message, hold on! Here we go!



As I started my ride three years ago in the country of the beautiful mountains of New Zealand, I now hit the balkans by bike and suddenly the Netherlands feels SO nearby. I AM ALMOST HOME! And I can’t wait to see you all again. And even Luke is very exited to finally get the chance to meet you all!


For all of you who follow my stories in English; most likely you are not around this day, but I want you to know that all of you are very welcome. For everyone who followed my journey, in silence or with lots of response, for all of you who crossed paths, who I accidentally met on the way, for all of you who opened their doors for me: you are welcome. With a special welcome to Luke’s family, coming over from America.

Hereby I invite you to cycle the last 20 km of my ride with me on the 22nd of July. There will be two meeting points:

  1. at the Saint-John Cathedral in s’Hertogenbosch (better know as the Sint-Jan to all of the Dutchies ) to join the last 22 km, let’s say at 1 pm.
  2. at the castle in Heeswijk-Dinther (Kasteel Heeswijk) to join the last 8 km, let’s say around 3 pm.

From there we cycle all the way back to the driveway of my parents: THE place where it all started, three years ago.


It will take place in the afternoon, the exact time will follow as I get closer to the Netherlands.

We are looking forward to it! So do you?


Together we will make it into a grand caravan!


See you then?!


And for all of you who are on the other side of the world while reading this, thinking ‘IF only I was a little bit closer’…

No worries. I’ll bring you all to that driveway that day, in my memories. You all make an unforgettable part of my journey and those memories are with me for the rest of my life.

THANK YOU ALL for being part of my ride!


With love,


Janneke & Luke




2 thoughts on “*** INVITATION *** Cyling the last miles! – 22 July (EN)

  1. Hallo Janneke
    Wij van het Brabants Dagblad zagen dat je 22 juli weer terug bent in Nederland. Het lijkt ons leuk om de dag daarna iets in onze krant te hebben over jouw reis. Ik weet niet of het mogelijk is dat we elkaar op die 22 juli even ergens kunnen zien/spreken? Ik zag dat je bij Kasteel Heeswijk komt. Stop je daar ook even? Of is er wellicht een ander moment dat we even wat vragen kunnen stellen?
    ik hoor het graag dan kunnen we wat afspreken.
    succes nog met de tocht!

  2. Beste Edith, jullie zijn van harte welkom. Ik stuur je even een mailtje! Tot dan!

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