I am a girl of the road now…


Normally riding my bike on my own.
But for the last three months of my ride,
this girl wasn’t cycling alone.


Together me made an ultimate team


And cycled trough areas that I would describe as the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.


It wasn’t always easy


But for sure it was a lot of fun


Besides some little technical problems


And a final bicycle-breakdown…


Together we found the best camp  spots of a lifetime!

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And those were exactly the moments that we used to say:
how lucky we were, that we accidentally met on our way.
‘At least we have each other’.
‘At least we are not alone’.
It’s the exact result of all those miles we used to cycle:
on our own.

We could hold each other in times of trouble,
hoping that the storm soon was about to end.
We would make endless jokes about being each-others,
‘one and only best friend’.

Hoping that our tent wouldn’t get blown away.
Hoping that the locals didn’t have any problems with two foreigners to stay.

Hoping that we wouldn’t run out of water
hoping that the rivers weren’t dry.
Hoping that the cold wouldn’t freeze our feet and fingers,
as the cold could drive me insane and sometimes even made me cry.

Hoping that those cows wouldn’t crush our tent in the middle of the night.
Hoping those big dogs woudn’t come any closer.
Hoping that the thunder would soon be over,
as this was the part that made my friend feel slightly terrified.

Those were the moments that we could just hold each other tight.
Hoping that soon it would be allright.
Saying that soon it would be over, that soon this situation was about to end.
Telling each other in all ultimate remoteness:
You are my one and only:



With Love,




9 thoughts on “**** MONGOLIA **** I AM A GIRL OF THE ROAD NOW (EN)

  1. Wat eeen mooi verhaal en wat een gave plekken! Hopelijk kunnen jullie mog lang samen op pad en lol maken! Enjoy!

  2. idd,samen doen samen beleven samen kijken en je verbazen!!!
    hoe bijzonder en nog meer kan dat zijn!!!!!!!

  3. ‘An adventure shared is an adventure doubled!’ wauw Anneke dat is nog eens een mooie omschrijving <3 Die nemen we mee op reis! :)

  4. Dank voor jullie woorden Mary, Jan, Gert, Lucienne, Anneke & Michelle, ik neem ze mee op reis! <3 Thank you for your words of kindness Trish, I take them with me along my journey!

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