Don’t you feel lonely sometimes? – Part one

Just for all my friends outside Holland, my first story written in English. Give me some time to improve my writing-skills, we all have to start! 

Don’t you feel lonely sometimes?’ It’s a question I’ve been asked on the road many times before, but this time it was a special moment: it was Christmasday. I think about this question before I answer. Do I feel lonely? No, actually I do not. I think being on your own and taking care of yourself doesn’t make you feel lonely, it makes me feel very calm, very easy and very strong, all at the same time. I think back about those moments in life that I did feel lonely, and I come to the conclusion that I actually wasn’t alone those moments: I was surrounded by peolpe. I think it’s the lack of connection, of understanding or the lack of the possibility to share compassion that makes us feel lonely from time to time. Therefore I would say; the feeling of lonelyness comes from the outside, much more than from within.

I continue my answer and tell her about my motivation to travel alone. First of all, there was the practical reason that there wasn’t anyone around that had the same crazy ideas and need for adventure en activities. But to be honest, I tell her, I think I really enjoy traveling on my own. It might be the best way to travel for me. Although it might sounds like a contradiction, I actually prefer to cycle alone because it’s the most easy way of making contact with the people around you. Cycling alone makes you vulnerable in a way that people recognise you and accept you in a very natural way. And even better, people will take care of you in a very honest and sincere way. They feel the need take care of you, not because they have to, but just because they can. They will help you find the way even before you got lost, they will give you water before you even run out, they will give you a smile before you even realised you needed one.

And I think for me; this is the most magical experience that colours my journey. This is why I don’t feel lonely, but very lucky. It’s life in it’s most natural way: it’s a very simple way: people taking care of eachother. Well my friends: life isn’t as bad as the newspapers are telling us. The world is just a lovely place, and hell yeah what a Christmasthought is this to end this little story (even in februari)!

And the best part of the story is still out: what I didn’t know this Christmasday is what a lovely time there would be ahead of me. This solo-cyclist would even travel together for a month and meet so many nice people on the way and share so many experiences that she would leave the country already feeling a bit homesick. How this happend? I write it to you in the next little story! To be continued.


On the picture: Sharing a christmasmeal with Rafal from Poland, Adrien from France, Julia and Hogar from Germany.

With love,