Australia baby! Cycling from Sydney to Brisbane

Sydney, 05-02-2016

Brisbane, 20-02-2016

So I made it all the way to Brisbane and what I found on my way was beautiful in very different ways.

For all of you that think about desert, dirt and flies: there’s more to find in Australia:
there were fields with cows and other cradle (just like we have in Holland), waterfalls, exotic flowers, tropical environments with the most colorful birds, hills (a lot of hills!) and so many more beautiful surroundings to cycle in.

Check it out yourself, just to give you a first impression.

IMG_3565 - Copy
Uralla, 13-02-2016

Nowendoc, 13-02-2016

IMG_3880 - Copy
Grafton, 15-02-2016

IMG_3518 - Copy
Nowendoc, 13-02-2016

Ohhh and let’s not forget about the beaches: there are a LOT of tropical beaches that probably are the perfect surrounding for all of those out there that are in for a holiday; to surf, swim, relax (or all these things together). For them it wil be like heaven: it will be just the the very best scenery you can get.

Gold Coast, 20-02-2016

Noosa, 27-02-2016

Noosa, 27-02-2016

For me, I just enjoy the view and keep on cycling! Because that’s what I like. I just like to ride my bike. Alllllll the way.

Just like this:

And after cycling 1200 km, I can say; the good stories about the good people didn’t come to an end. In between Sydney and Brisbane I sure did found lots of kindness on my way. Lots of friendly and helpful people, lots of smiles and lots of good energy.

Wait. There’s only one negative thing I have to tell you about. To keep this story realistic: I also did find some people that I would describe as less pleasant.

I found some very interesting habits in this traffic here. Especially between Gold Coast and Brisbane when I got back on the east-coast. There are a lot of people out there, men, because that’s just how it is, they are all MEN, with a short temper and a lack of humor. They will give you all kind of negative signs and symbols, and they don’t really give a * about you and your little bicycle. Is it the weather? Is it part of their culture? Or are these just some very unhappy people in a big car trying to ruin other peoples happiness, just because in their perspective there’s nothing to be happy about? What can I say? Well all I can say is this: in the beginning I really felt a bit intimidated by them and their big negative energy felt so overwhelming… but after a couple of days I now just think they are kind of… funny. You will pass the most incredible tropical beaches and places like ‘”Surfers Paradise” and “ Gold Coast”  with people with an attitude like this and all I cay say is: guys, don’t you think yourself that’s a little bit funny?..

Alright, now this is said… back to the positive side of life. The one that I like better.

Are you ready?

Let me introduce to you: all the nice people that I found on the road:

Catherine & Malcolm, Sydney, 04-02-2016 

Thomas Maas, Sydney, 05-02-2016 

Tom & Tanya, Newcastle, 09-02-2016

The local bike-team of Newcastle, 10-02-2016

Jeffrey and his wife, Fern Bay, 10-02-2016 

Michelle, Fern Bay, 10-02-2016

My secret savior, Great Dividing Range, 12-02-2016

Robyn, Ross & Dominique, Nowendoc, 12-02-2016 

My little neighbor,  Uralla, 13-02-2016 

And the rest of my neighbors, Uralla, 14-02-2016

The man that wasn’t a bike mechanic but sure did help me out! Woodburn, 17-02-2016

Michael, Jackie & their little girl Michaela, Ballina, 17-02-2016

Glen & his broken car, Byron Bay, 17-02-2016 

Rose, Brisbane, 25-02-2016

Carina, Noosa, 26-02-2016

A nice collection of people, don’t you think?

There were the people that helped me out spontaneously on the way, with a place to stay. There was this girl that invited me for a ride on a quad to the beach, just after I asked her for the way. There was this day when I ended up cycling only 8 km because of getting to know this lovely couple that invited me to stay. There were some friendly man that helped me out, one with my bike and one with his truck (helping me over this big hill). And there was this one guy having troubles with his car that I helped out (no technical help of course, just with some water). There was this catching-up time with a Dutch boy, enjoying the Dutch language. There were two very special ladies that gave me some time to rest and the best company you could wish for. And not to forget; there were some very nice cyclist here in Aussie that helped me out very well with any suggestions for my route.

So these are the people that colored this first part of my journey: cycling Australia. And I would love to tell you all so much more about how we all met, but right now I would love to ride my bicyle even more. So that’s what I am gonna do! On my way to Cairns. Wish me luck!

Hasta la Vista Babe!