And it feels like home

Just like a friend of mine would say; ‘because we all need a holiday within our holidays’.


I thought.. if you quit your job to travel the world on a bicycle you can just go on a holiday to your homecountry. And so I did! After 9 months living on the road and my first 10.000 km passed it was time for some home-time. Enjoying my Dutch bike, the perfect (flat!) roads for cycling, the smell of spring, the feeling of recognition and familiarity that is just as exciting as discovering the new and unknown. Enjoying the time with family and friends all around me, and last but not least; waking up in a real house, sleeping in a real bed, and having a place you can call home. Because that’s exactly how it feels: I am home! :) And with roads like these even Australia doesn’t feel so far away ;)


2 thoughts on “And it feels like home

  1. So are you staying at home then?
    Or just having an extended time away from the hotspots of the world – till they cool down perhaps?
    Whatever, have a great life.
    And keep in touch. I have something small for you.

  2. Hi Rose! So good to hear from you :) I will be back in the saddle in a week. Continuing my ride from Indonesia to India :) I fully enjoyed my time with friends and family in the country of the bicycle and now feel well rested for this next part of my journey. Hope you enjoyed your time in Denmark and all is going well for you Rose. Sending you my love & keep in touch!



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