One girl. One bike. And the dream to travel the world.

It all starts with a dream. Then it becomes reality. Slowly slowly. Bit by bit. Day by day. And before I would realise, I was already two years on my way. It was the question whether it would be possible to cycle all the way home. Home is the Netherlands, because that’s the place where I once was born. That’s the place where I said goodbye to my family and friends.  On the 28th of august 2015 this little adventure begun. Curious whether it would be possible to travel around the world on my bike. As I just passed my first 27.500 km on the road, I now know exactly what that could be like. Still on my way home. But home is no longer just a place where I have my rootes and my family. I now feel at home at all the places where I ones rode my bike. These are the streets and the places where I now know exactly what life is all about.